Patient Appreciation Month in Whitby and Brooklin

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We are celebrating Patient Appreciation Month this July at both Whitby Vision Care and Brooklin Vision Care! For every new frame purchase we are giving away a Canada 150 pin, as well as you will be entered in a draw to win a summer gift basket! Thanks to our amazing patients for all your support! Happy Birthday Canada!!

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Vision Therapy in Brooklin

Vision therapy is coming soon to Brooklin!! Stay tuned for updates 😊

Vision Therapy is a treatment for specific problems of the visual system, including lazy eye, crossed eyes, poor focusing, eye movement problems and visual-perceptual-motor abilities. Once a child has had a full, comprehensive eye exam, Vision Therapy can be discussed as a possible option. We will keep you posted as soon as our new clinic is up and running!

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Meibomian Gland Expression

Attention pimple poppers!
If you secretly love watching pimple popping videos, you’ll probably get the same satisfaction from watching MEIBOMIAN GLAND EXPRESSION (aka squeezing)! If not, you should probably skip this video 😉

Meibomian glands are located in your eyelids, and they secrete the oily component of tears which keeps them from evaporating. When they are blocked or not producing enough oil, that is a leading cause of dry eye syndrome. They can also get clogged with makeup, so make sure you thoroughly clean your eyelids right to the base of your eyelashes every night.

If you suffer from redness, gritty/sandy feeling, stinging, occasional blurry vision, or uncontrollable watering – call (905) 666-4848 to get an eye exam to determine whether you have Dry Eye Syndrome. Yes it sounds weird, but even watery eyes is a sign of dryness!

For now, please enjoy this wonderful video of meibomian gland expression Imagine how nice it would feel after you open up those clogged pores! #FunFriday #OnlyFunForDrLee

(not my video)

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