Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays!!
Here are our holiday hours:
Whitby Vision Care is open this week on the 23rd and 24th. We will be closed Dec 25-29. We are also closed on New Year’s Day but will be open Dec 30-31 and Jan 2-3. Regular hours will resume after that!
The vision therapy clinic is closed Dec 23-Jan 1 and will reopen on Jan 2!

Wishing everyone a warm holiday filled with laughter and joy 🥰

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Vision Therapy After Concussion

R came to us because he was involved in a motor vehicle accident, resulting in a concussion. Due to his concussion, he was experiencing many symptoms that affected his daily life. He had frequent headaches and was sensitive to light, he got dizzy very easily and motion sick. He also had problems reading, including losing his place, and got eye strain if he read or was looking at a screen for longer than 30 minutes, which was problematic for him as his career required lengthy screen time and reading. He also was unable to watch TV for a long period of time. When he did read, he had to slowly read each word one at a time, making it time consuming and tiring.

After vision therapy, his dizziness greatly decreased and he his headaches were much less frequent, and very mild if they did occur. He was also able to read or use a computer for 2-3 hours at a time, and could continue beyond that after taking a short break, making it easier to complete his work on a daily basis. He also stopped having motion sickness in a car, making driving easier. Watching TV was much more comfortable, so he could enjoy watching TV with his family. Congratulations R! We are glad you were able to return to your daily activities! We will miss you and your love of sports

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Reading Success After Vision Therapy

C came to us because of problems with reading. He tended to get really tired from reading, so he wouldn’t read for very long. He also tended to lose his place and skip words while reading, and sometimes reversed letters or read backwards. Also, if C tried to read in the car, he got really motion sick and nauseous. Due to this, C didn’t enjoy reading for pleasure.

After vision therapy, C’s parents and grandmother noticed he started to read on his own and was reading bigger books with bigger words. The best change was that he started to choose to read on his own for pleasure! 😁 C himself also mentioned that he didn’t get as tired when he read and found reading a lot easier to do. Also, he can now read in the car without causing any motion sickness and he became more coordinated in sports! Congratulations C! We will miss you and your creative imagination and excitement for learning new vision therapy games

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