Beware of Online Eye Exams

Beware of online “eye exams.” This TV station put one to the test, and unsurprisingly, it failed.
Online sight tests are NOT a replacement for a comprehensive eye health examination! Even on their website, it says, “Because our services are not a replacement for an eye health examination, we encourage everyone to obtain a comprehensive eye health exam at least once every 2 years.”
So you pay an extra $40 for just your glasses prescription, which you would get included as part of your regular eye examination, which you need to have done anyways. Also, you have to wait a day for them to email your prescription… which they might not be able to provide you with after all (see video)! At least they refunded her money. Furthermore, contact lenses are a medical device, and cannot be properly prescribed without assessing how they look ON your eyes and whether they are moving correctly.

This doesn’t save you time or money, because you end up paying extra money for a service that is included in an eye exam, and you have to wait a day to get your results…. Sounds like a terrible deal!

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