Vision and Autism

Happy Sunday! A great lecture this morning about autism and where vision fits in the journey (lack of eye contact is the most common complaint!). Always love learning about how we can do more to help our special populations. This was my favourite lecture this weekend

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Vision Therapy and Visual Dysfunctions Training

Dr. Lee and our head vision therapist, Britt, were away this weekend for a VT/Visual Dysfunctions course! We’re always learning and looking for new techniques to help our patients improve their visual skills. This time, we had the wonderful opportunity to learn from Dr. Steen Aalberg from Denmark. We’re excited to bring back new activities for the vision therapy program!


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Vision Therapy Seminar #2

Dr Lee is in San Diego again this weekend for another seminar with Dr. Robert Sanet, FCOVD. Her goal is to bring back some more knowledge and techniques to help people with eye alignment, coordination and focusing difficulties, and to help children with learning-related vision problems!

Maybe she can also bring back some of the sunshine and warm weather! 😛 

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When Your Child Takes Hours To Finish Homework

Does your child take an unusually long time to finish homework? Do you have to get into a “homework war” every night to get things done? Your child is not being lazy. Homework might be very difficult and uncomfortable if he/she is suffering from a vision problem.

If you are baffled because your child is passing 20/20 vision tests, but still complains about reading the chalkboard or worksheets, has headaches or blurred vision, or is just plain struggling in school, it’s important to rule out any visual challenges. The first step is to book a Visual Skills Assessment.

Click here to read about Nicholas, a second grade student who was very bright and had a good memory, but spent 2-3 hours on homework every night. The problem was convergence insufficiency, and he improved his reading and hand-eye coordination in sports with Vision Therapy.


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Smart Kids With Reading Problems

Reading is so important for a good education. These are American stats, which aren’t exactly the same for Canada, but many children have vision vision issues that interfere with learning.

It’s not just about how well you can see far away, it’s about how your brain and eyes work together.
A child might see words like this:

If that’s what the words looked like when you opened a book, you wouldn’t want to read. If your child doesn’t like to read, it doesn’t mean he/she lazy! It is so important to get a comprehensive Visual Skills Assessment because these problems are not caught in regular screenings.

Watch the video here: Student soars at reading thanks to vision therapy

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