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Dr. Claudia Lee is now providing services exclusively at Whitby Vision Care! She no longer has to split her time at different clinics, so she is available throughout the week for all existing and new patients 🙂

Call (905) 666-4848 or email info[at]drclaudialee.com to book an appointment.

You may also use the contact form if you need any help with transferring your files.

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Cosmetic Contacts Can Damage Your Eyes

Happy Halloween!
This year, STAY AWAY from costume contact lenses! Even wearing them for a short period of can cause permanent damage to your eyes. This young girl was only wearing the lenses for 4 hours, but the lenses scratched her cornea and caused vision loss. It only takes one bad episode to cause permanent damage.

The risk is much higher with costume lenses purchased over-the-counter or online, because these manufacturers use unknown materials, and the solution may have contaminants which can damage your eyes. Contact lenses are NOT one-size-fits-all, and must be properly fitted by an optometrist. They are medical devices, which means they are subject to specific safety requirements, which your optometrist follows (and the local dollar store/costume store may not).
If you want to try coloured lenses, talk to Dr. Lee about your options – there are many SAFE coloured lenses out there too!

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Read this article about how this girl damaged her eyes by just wearing the lenses for a short time (‘Zombie’ contacts damage teen’s eye )

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School Vision Screenings Are Not Enough

Your child may have gotten a vision “screening” at school this year, but it’s not enough! Dr. Mini Randhawa explains why.

Even if your child has 20/20 vision and passes the screening, they still need to have a full eye exam. The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends infants have their first eye examination between six and nine months of age, and annually during school years.


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Child With “20/20” Eyes Can Still Have Trouble Copying From The Board

Here’s how a child with “20/20” eyes can still have trouble at school with things like copying from the board! (from the VisualLearningCenter.com)

A child may have “20/20″ clear eyesight but may also lack the ability to refocus from near to far and from far to near. As the child looks down at his paper to read or write, he may see clearly. After he is looking at the board for some time, he can see clearly too. However, looking up and down, back and forth, from the board to the paper might be where the difficulty comes into play.

Another vision problem that would make it difficult for your child to copy from the board at school is poor eye teaming. Eye teaming, known in functional optometry as “binocular vision skills,” refers to the ability for the two eyes to work together as a team. If both eyes are not moving at the same time in the same direction, a child will struggle to look up at the board, down at her paper, and back again without experiencing visual fatigue and tiring quickly.

Your child could also have poor eye movements, such as tracking and pursuits.Tracking eye movement skills help the child “locate” the words on the board and then locate the space on the paper where they are to place their print. A child with poor tracking skills loses her place often, and getting lost frequently is frustrating and tiring.

[Excerpt]    Read more at the VisualLearningCenter.com


A program of Vision Therapy can improve eye teaming, eye tracking, and focusing skills.

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