Screen Time Affects Developmental Milestones

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Researchers found that higher levels of screen time at two and three years old was associated with poorer performance on a developmental screening test by age five.
This means that children weren’t meeting benchmarks in communication, social skills, problem-solving and motor skills. Because screen time is generally a sedentary activity, research is also starting to show an association with physical consequences like a higher likelihood of being overweight or obese.

The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends that children between the ages of two and five use screens for less than one hour per day.


Too much screen time can delay important developmental milestones for children, study finds

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Neurological Warning Signs in Infants

We recommend that infants have their first eye exam at 6-12 months.
Here are some warning signs of a neurological problem in infants to look out for. Bring your baby in for a checkup if you have any concerns!
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Read more here: Six Warning Signs of Neurological Problems in Infants

–Does not intentionally direct eye movements towards a stimulus (eg, a light target, parent’s voice or interesting toy);

–Attends to a target on one side only;

–Can’t track or follow a stimulus (at all, or in part of the visual field);

–Doesn’t make an effort to touch or reach for an interesting target;

–Can’t make eye contact or maintain it (for at least a few seconds); and

–Abnormal pupil response.

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Free Glasses for Kids in Junior Kindergarten

If your child was born in 2012, get him/her in for a comprehensive eye exam before the end of JK!
We have a wonderful Eye See Eye Learn program which allows us to provide JK students with glasses, if needed. 🤓 Thanks to our industry partners OGI and Nikon for their support! 😘

Call (905) 666-4848 to book. We welcome new patients! 🤗

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