No More Gatherings – Social Distancing

Gatherings of more than 5 people are now banned in Ontario.
We can all do our part by staying home!

If you have any urgent concerns (sudden vision loss, chemicals or foreign object in the eye, forceful trauma, severe pain), you may leave a voicemail at (905) 666-4848 or email We will continue to monitor these communication channels.

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Grieving Your Losses During This Pandemic

It’s ok to be sad about all the things that we’ve had to give up. People are getting sick, losing family members, getting laid off, going bankrupt… but we’ve also had to skip concerts, miss hockey games, and cancel birthday parties. We have all been affected in different ways. It’s about understanding that everyone is hurting, and there’s no one need that is bigger than the next.
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Donate Masks, Personal Protective Equipment

Do you have any extra gloves, masks, or eye protection? Please consider donating them to the hospital for our front-line health care workers.

Please share with anyone you can think of – tattoo parlours, nail salons, dental, veterinary and cosmetic surgery clinics – you can always order more later when the supply refills but right now these are needed urgently!

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Ontario Closes All Non-Essential Businesses

If we all do our part to stay home and avoid contact with other people (even if you don’t have any symptoms), we can make this less painful for everyone. The faster we all self isolate, the sooner we can return back to normal.

Whitby Vision Care and Brooklin Vision Care have been closed since last week to protect our community. However, we are available for emergencies. Leave a message at (905) 666-4848 or email

Read the news article: Ontario closes all non-essential businesses, as the province confirms 78 new COVID-19 cases

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