Ontario Eye Care Negotiations

Why does Robin Martin keep saying that the Ontario Association of Optometrists is not “at the table”? We are waiting for Ontario Health to formally commit to Christine Elliott ‘s words that, “We do not expect optometrists to pay out of pocket for these services.” This is a baseline, and the OAO is waiting to resume negotiations on what the final cost might look like. While they continue to REFUSE to put this verbal promise into writing, it is a waste of taxpayer money for the government to continue to push the same offer, which they have already admitted is not fair

Start at 17:49, Steve Paikin asks how this offer could be considered a fair situation (Answer: It’s not!)

Background: In late August, the OAO accepted an invitation to mediation with the Ontario government to fight for high-quality eye care for our patients. After only two days, it became abundantly clear that the Ministry of Health was not there to negotiate in good faith. Instead of focusing on a real, long-term solution, the government used the process as a publicity stunt. The government breached confidentiality when disclosing confidential information to the public, and imposed a one-time payment that was never negotiated. These actions demonstrate the government’s lack of commitment to a responsible bargaining process.

While it is accurate the OAO did not accept the terms of further mediation, we stand confident in that decision as those terms would have prevented us from achieving our goal of a long-term solution. At no point did we anticipate the government to walk away after only one attempt at cooperation. The fact is, mediation is a costly process. The OAO is a small organization that does not have the infinite resources required to engage in a process where one of the parties is not taking it as seriously as the other. Eyecare in Ontario has been left behind for over three decades because we have blindly trusted these same disingenuous outreaches by the Ministry of Health over the years. While they talk about building a new and better relationship, to date there have been no commitments or indication of a thoughtful plan that will ensure quality access to eye care for everyone in Ontario today, and into the future. We need reassurances that this time it is truly different. Our phone lines remain open and we patiently wait for the Ministry to reach out and discuss a genuine path forward – one built on trust and constructive dialogues. The people of Ontario deserve no less.

Please call Doug Ford and ask him to fix this TODAY!! (416) 325-1941 (416) 745-2859

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Government Refuses to Fund OHIP Eye Exams

The Ontario government has once again refused to fund OHIP-insured eye care at least to the cost of delivery, even though 100,000 patients have sent letters asking them to do so.

Please read our press release on the latest developments in the #SaveEyeCare campaign.


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How Do I Check If My Child Is Colour Blind?

Facts about Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD):
✅ People with CVD don’t see the world in black and white. They just have trouble distinguishing between certain colours
✅ The most common type is red-green colour deficiency
✅ Affects males more than females
✅ When undiagnosed, kids may avoid games revolving around colour and may experience isolation for not seeing colours the way others do

Here’s is a link to The Curious Eye – a fun, interactive, FREE e-book created by the Children’s Eye Foundation of AAPOS to help screen for colour vision deficiency in children!

If you have any concerns, an optometrist can also assess for colour vision deficiencies, along with ocular health issues and refractive error (aka “prescription checks”). We can do first eye exams as early as 6-12 months! Get your kids in early to screen for vision problems! We can do it even before they can talk! Call 905-666-4848


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