Which Looks Better – 1 or 2?

Which one looks better to you? Without your help, we’re heading towards picture 1 πŸ‘Ž

Call your MPP to fix this before it’s too late! Visit SaveEyeCare.ca to learn more

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Optometrist Saves Her Vision

“When we don’t have a problem, we take things like vision for granted. But when you start to have a real problem, that lifeline to treatment is crucial.”

Watch Ann’s amazing story

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Government Refuses to Fund OHIP Eye Exams

The Ontario government has once again refused to fund OHIP-insured eye care at least to the cost of delivery, even though 100,000 patients have sent letters asking them to do so.

Please read our press release on the latest developments in the #SaveEyeCare campaign.


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How Do I Check If My Child Is Colour Blind?

Facts about Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD):
βœ… People with CVD don’t see the world in black and white. They just have trouble distinguishing between certain colours
βœ… The most common type is red-green colour deficiency
βœ… Affects males more than females
βœ… When undiagnosed, kids may avoid games revolving around colour and may experience isolation for not seeing colours the way others do

Here’s is a link to The Curious Eye – a fun, interactive, FREE e-book created by the Children’s Eye Foundation of AAPOS to help screen for colour vision deficiency in children!

If you have any concerns, an optometrist can also assess for colour vision deficiencies, along with ocular health issues and refractive error (aka “prescription checks”). We can do first eye exams as early as 6-12 months! Get your kids in early to screen for vision problems! We can do it even before they can talk! Call 905-666-4848


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CARP Day of Action!

Over 100,000 letters have been sent to MPPs through the SaveEyeCare.ca website, but the government continues to ignore us!! So our friends at CARP are calling for a day of action.

On August 16,
βœ…Call your MPP and send a letter through SaveEyeCare.ca
βœ…Post on social media with the hashtag #SaveEyeCare

Eye care is still at stake and we need to let our government know that their continued inaction is not acceptable! Christine Elliott FordNation Lorne Coe Rod Phillips Peter Bethlenfalvy Lindsey Park Jennifer French

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