CARP Day of Action!

Over 100,000 letters have been sent to MPPs through the website, but the government continues to ignore us!! So our friends at CARP are calling for a day of action.

On August 16,
βœ…Call your MPP and send a letter through
βœ…Post on social media with the hashtag #SaveEyeCare

Eye care is still at stake and we need to let our government know that their continued inaction is not acceptable! Christine Elliott FordNation Lorne Coe Rod Phillips Peter Bethlenfalvy Lindsey Park Jennifer French

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How Life Looks With Strabismus


“My eyes were never lazy. My brain just got confused.” YES!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Filmmaker James Robinson put together an excellent video to demonstrate what it’s like to have two eyes that don’t, as he says, “collaborate.” You’ll see in his old photos that his eyes started out turning inward (esotropia), but they now turn outward (exotropia). This is sadly not unusual to see after surgery, where the eye muscles are cut in a brute force attempt to make the eyes cooperate, but vision therapy can help teach the brain how to use them together. Well worth the 12 minutes to watch!

Eyes are NOT LAZY!!

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Town of Oakville Supports Optometry!

Last week, Oakville Town Council passed a motion requesting that the Ontario Government recognize the value that access to quality eye care brings to Ontarians, and to ACT NOW to protect it.

Let’s do the same for Whitby families! #SaveEyeCare Lorne Coe Christine Elliott Mayor Don Mitchell Ryan Turnbull Steve Yamada Maleeha Shahid Deidre Newman

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