Prevent Fog on Glasses

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The key to preventing fog is keeping your warm, moist breath from hitting your lenses. This means making sure that your masks fits tightly along the contours of your nose/cheeks.
Make sure the bar is moulded to your face (if it has one). You can even tape it to your face, or tuck the edges under your glasses. Other remedies such as soapy water may help, but it may leave a blurry film on your glasses.

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Red Eye Emergency

What to do if you have a red eye?
Give us a call 905-666-4848 if you have any of these:
– you got chemicals in your eye
– you’re in pain or are having trouble seeing
– you’re unable to move your eye
– you’re sensitive to light
– your eye is producing a lot of mucus or pus
– you have any other symptoms of an illness, like fever or cough (you may need to seek care elsewhere, but we will help direct you)

If it’s more mild, it may be due to dryness, allergies, or a mild viral eye infection, among other things. A viral eye infection is like the common cold, you have to let it heal on its own. Here are some things you can try at home:
1. Use lubricating drops (artificial tears) 4-6 times per day
2. Don’t use red-eye reducing drops, like Visine.
3. If you wear contacts, STOP wearing them
4. Remove any eye makeup
5. Wash your hands often.
6. Avoid spreading the infection by washing your hands often, washing your towels and pillowcases often, and not sharing them.
7. If they feel itchy, you may try over-the-counter anti-allergy drops or medication
8. Try cool compresses on your closed eyes, or try placing the lubricating drops in the fridge before you instill them – the coolness can help relieve itching

If it gets worse or you develop any problems listed above, you may call the office or contact me via the online form

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Dolphin Visual Puzzle

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How many dolphins can you find? Use your visual discrimination, visual closure, and figure ground skills to find them all!

This beautiful oil painting is by Jim Warren.

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Non-Surgical Correction of Exotropia

M came to us because she was diagnosed with exotropia in her right eye, which means her right eye tended to drift out, so her eyes were not aligned. When M first started, she was unaware when this would happen, but when she was told by other people, she was able to fix it. She wanted to gain further awareness and control over her eye doing this because it started happening on a daily basis, mainly when she was tired or was watching TV for a long time, and her friends at school started commenting on it more frequently, so she was beginning to get more self-conscious. M’s goals for vision therapy was to increase awareness of when her eye was doing this and learn more skills to realign her eyes so both eyes could work better together.

After vision therapy, M was really happy with her progress because her right eye rarely turned out. Her Mom and other family members also commented that it was not happening often. If her eye did turn out, it was very infrequent, and M now felt when it happened. She has much more awareness of what her eyes were doing, and felt she gained better skills to realign her eyes if it did turn out. Congratulations M! We will miss you and your love of gymnastics.
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No More Gatherings – Social Distancing

Gatherings of more than 5 people are now banned in Ontario.
We can all do our part by staying home!

If you have any urgent concerns (sudden vision loss, chemicals or foreign object in the eye, forceful trauma, severe pain), you may leave a voicemail at (905) 666-4848 or email We will continue to monitor these communication channels.

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