Social Distancing COVID-19

The one who stayed away saved all the others.

Social distancing is the only way to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This is important EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO SYMPTOMS.
– Avoid unnecessary gatherings
– Don’t travel unless you have to
– If you do choose to travel, or have recently gotten back from travels, STAY HOME for 2 weeks after you get back, even if you feel well.
– WASH YOUR HANDS AND DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE. Wear a mask if you are coughing or sneezing

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Vision Therapy Success with Autism

F came to us because he was having problems with reading. He had trouble focusing and fixating on words when trying to read, and was often losing his place and skipping words when reading, and was behind in reading. When F started vision therapy, he didn’t enjoy reading. F was also diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. Sometimes he didn’t want to come to vision therapy, but it helped for him choose what activities we were going to do each session.

After vision therapy, F went up a grade level in reading, and was losing his place less, and if he did lose his place, he found it much quicker than he used to. F’s mom also said that he is now much more cooperative with reading, and enjoys reading non-fiction books. Congratulations F! We will miss you and your love for nature and insects.

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Vision Exam for Police Services

Want to apply for Police Services? We offer Police / RCMP Eye Tests. We can help you complete your application quickly! Not all optometry clinics have the peripheral vision testing or the colour vision test, but we have everything you need to complete the vision exam at our office!

Call now to book and mention your application, so that we can do our best to get everything done on one day! Call us 905-666-4848

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Vision Test for RCMP Application

Looking to apply for the #RCMP? We offer Vision Exams for Police Services and RCMP! Not all offices have Visual Field testing equipment, but we do! We have all the necessary equipment to complete the vision portion of your application. Make sure you mention RCMP testing when you call to book, so that we can to our best to get arrange for everything to be done on the same day 💪
Call us now at  (905)666-4848 to book

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