Autism ACCEPTANCE – Not Just Awareness

Autism is not an illness! We want to strive towards Autism ACCEPTANCE and will always listen to our patients as they are the experts on their own individual needs 🙏#AutismAcceptance (not just awareness!)

  • Awareness is passive tolerance
  • Acceptance means more than just understanding autistic people exist
  • Acceptance is inclusive education and employment
  • Acceptance is making community spaces welcoming and comfortable to accommodate for sensory differences
  • Acceptance is validating autistic lives, listening to our stories, and respecting our neurological differences
  • Acceptance is an ACTION!
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Wash Your Glasses

When was the last time you washed your glasses? 🧐 Your glasses do not count as safety protection from COVID-19. We often touch our glasses without thinking. Virus particles can be transferred from our fingers and face, and they can remain on hard plastic surfaces for hours to days. Remember to wash your hands before touching your face, and wash your glasses frequently with soap and water!
❌ Avoid soaps with abrasive beads and chemical glasses cleaners.
✅ Dry them with a soft, clean cloth, and avoid using your shirt or facial tissues.

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Police Eye Exams

For your police application, the OACP certificate requires a special peripheral vision test (visual field) and colour vision test (D-15), which not all optometry offices have. They’re available at Whitby Vision Care, so let the staff know about your police application when you’re calling, and they can book everything you need along with your comprehensive eye exam! Call (905) 666-4848

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