Get Ready for Back To School With an Eye Exam!

Don’t forget an eye exam on the back-to-school list to make sure your child is equipped to reach his/her full learning potential!
1 in 4 kids suffer from a vision problem which can learning. Children are covered for a yearly eye exam by OHIP, and the first check-up should be done at 6 months to make sure the eyes are developing well. They don’t need to be able to read letters for the assessment.
Thanks to the Eye See Eye Learn program for students entering JK, glasses are provided at no charge to the parent if they are needed. Call the office for more info.
Watch the video at this link for more information about what to expect at your child’s eye exam!
Eye Exams Should Be On Back-To-School To-Do List

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Information about Amblyopia

Here’s a great explanation of amblyopia (aka “lazy eye”), and how we treat it with binocular vision therapy, which can achieve better results than just patching alone! Even adults with amblyopia can develop the ability to better integrate messages from both eyes together.
If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with amblyopia, don’t miss this video!

by Dr. Dan Fortenbacher, Founder of Wow Vision Therapy in Michigan

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