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Cosmetic Contacts Can Damage Your Eyes

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Happy Halloween!
This year, STAY AWAY from costume contact lenses! Even wearing them for a short period of can cause permanent damage to your eyes. This young girl was only wearing the lenses for 4 hours, but the lenses scratched her cornea and caused vision loss. It only takes one bad episode to cause permanent damage.

The risk is much higher with costume lenses purchased over-the-counter or online, because these manufacturers use unknown materials, and the solution may have contaminants which can damage your eyes. Contact lenses are NOT one-size-fits-all, and must be properly fitted by an optometrist. They are medical devices, which means they are subject to specific safety requirements, which your optometrist follows (and the local dollar store/costume store may not).
If you want to try coloured lenses, talk to Dr. Lee about your options – there are many SAFE coloured lenses out there too!

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