Happy Holidays!

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Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season with your loved ones! All the best for the new year!!

Whitby Vision Care is open Dec 28-31 so book an eye exam and buy your glasses/contacts before the year is up to make the most of your insurance benefits!

Call (905) 666-4848 to book an appointment (we re-open on Monday December 28 at 8:30 am)

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Gift Ideas for Vision Development

Looking for some great gift ideas for any child? Here’s a list of some fun toys/games which also promote vision development!

Building Toys – Develop eye-hand coordination and visualization/imagination
-Mega Bloks
-Building Blocks

Fine Motor Skill Toys – Develop visual-motor integration and fine motor skills
-Origami Sets
-Rainbow Loom
-Pegboard and Pegs

Space Perception Toys – Develop depth perception and eye-hand coordination
-Ants in the Pants
-Fishin’ Around
-Pick-up Sticks

Visual Thinking Toys and Games – Develop visual perceptual skills including: visualization, visual memory, visual discrimination, pattern recognition and sequencing. These skills are important for academics including mathematics, reading and spelling.
-Color Blocks and 1” Cubes
-Bejeweled Board Game
-Tetris Bop It
-Parquetry Blocks
-Card Games (Old Maid, Go Fish, etc.)

Head on over to The Vision Therapy Center for the full list! (96 gift ideas)

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