Beware Buying Online Glasses

If you have thought about purchasing your next pair of prescription eyeglasses online, there are a few things you need to know. It’s a custom-made product and very different from ordering any other item online.
Would you order a custom suit or dress with just your height measurement or with only your waist size? Your prescription is only one piece of information that will determine how well you see with your new eyewear. An optometrist is trained in the proper fitting, measuring, manufacturing, and dispensing of eyewear. Click below to see more of what goes into making a pair of glasses
Common complaints regarding improperly ordered or fit eyewear can include headaches, fatigue, an “eye pulling” sensation, nausea, and pain or pressure marks on your nose or around your ears.
A recent study conducted by the American Optometric Association (AOA), the Optical Laboratories
Association and The Vision Council, discovered an alarming rate of nearly half the eyeglasses ordered from online vendors (44.8%) had incorrect prescriptions or safety issues (eg. failing to meet impact resistance standards).

Don’t be a Fool in April (or any other month!)…. BUYER BEWARE!

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Handwriting for better learning and memory

It’s not just what we write that matters, but how. Children read more quickly when they first learn to write by hand, and they are also better able to better generate ideas and retain information.

Printing, cursive writing, and typing on a keyboard were compared in a study of children in grades 2-5. When the children wrote text by hand, they consistently produced more words more quickly, and also expressed more ideas, when compared with the children who wrote on a keyboard. The children with better handwriting showed greater neural activation in areas associated with working memory when they were asked to think of ideas for a composition, as well as a greater overall activation in reading and writing networks.

Physically forming letters when writing is important for learning and memory!

Click here to read more in the NY Times

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Top Optician in Durham Region

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Whitby Vision Care was voted the Top Optician in Durham Region based on quality, service, image, value, and professionalism!

We do our best to provide exceptional service and quality products, and are honoured to be recognized for it!

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Vision Therapy Graduates

Sending out a big CONGRATULATIONS to all our VT graduates over the last few months! All of your hard work and determination has paid off!
We are going to try to remember to update our blog a little more 🙂 Here’s a little bit about our two most recent graduates:

J came to us when his teacher noticed him skipping words when he was reading. His school performance was very good, but he often lost his place, got headaches, and felt tired after only 15 mins of reading. He was diagnosed with a tracking deficit, and started vision therapy. After about 2.5 months of weekly sessions, his mom noticed his reading is a lot more fluent, he no longer skips words, and he doesn’t get headaches or feel as tired when reading! Great job, J!

S came to the office with very bad visual symptoms after a concussion. He got headaches after 5-10 mins of reading, and couldn’t look at screens. He also felt like he couldn’t focus or concentrate. He felt dizzy when looking around. He needed to get reading glasses, and started vision therapy for his focusing skills. He can now read for about 1.5 hrs without symptoms (without his glasses!), and he can finally start slowly returning to work! We are happy for you, S!

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Location Change

Dr. Claudia Lee is now providing services exclusively at Whitby Vision Care! She no longer has to split her time at different clinics, so she is available throughout the week for all existing and new patients 🙂

Call (905) 666-4848 or email info[at] to book an appointment.

You may also use the contact form if you need any help with transferring your files.

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