How To Prevent Your Glasses Prescription From Worsening

Spending more time outdoors reduces your odds of developing and progressing in myopia (nearsightedness). It’s getting warm out, so round up the kids, get them off screen time, and go outside!!

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Becoming an FCOVD

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Last week, Dr. Lee became a newly certified Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (FCOVD)! This means that she has demonstrated advanced competency in the areas of vision development, binocular vision, visual information processing, and vision therapy.
This is a post-graduate designation, and the process requires proof of direct clinical management of cases, at least 1100 hours of experience and education, as well as completion of case reports, essays, a written exam, and an in-person oral defense.

Congratulations to her for successfully completing the certification! 🎉 #lifelonglearning

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