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Vision Problems In Kids

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Do you know what vision problem symptoms to look out for? Visit our Eye Exams For Kids page to find out! Most kids don’t know what good vision looks like, so they can’t always tell you that they can’t see clearly.


Children don’t know when they have a vision problem. Here are some signs that they are having trouble, if they can’t tell you what is wrong:

  • Eyes don’t follow toys
  • Closes one eye when reading
  • Tilts head when looking at something
  • Needs to hold book very close while reading
  • Overly sensitive to light
  • Squinting
  • Recurrent headaches
  • Complaints of achy, tired eyes
  • Persistent Rubbing
  • Eyes don’t seem to work in unison

Catching a problem early on will reduce the negative impact on your child’s future.