Poor Vision Affects Social Skills

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Most of you know that vision can affect a child’s ability to learn. But did you know it can affect a child’s social skills too?

Here are a few ways that it can:

“Most parents and guardians aren’t aware that an undiagnosed vision problem goes beyond poor academic performance,” says optometrist and member of the Ontario Association of Optometrists, Dr. Rajvinder Pabla.

In fact, poor vision can lead to reduced social interaction because of the inability to see properly. 

A child may shy away or be excluded from playing team sports since their vision problem is affecting their hand-eye coordination. They may also avoid watching the latest 3D movie with their friends because they have reduced depth perception and can’t enjoy the movie the way their friends can.”

“If their hyperopia continues to go undiagnosed, they may try avoiding their work and in the process become disruptive out of frustration.”

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