Rethinking the Label “Learning Disability”

In reponse to this post: Rethinking School

Susan Wise Bauer writes, “Change your thinking: Regard the label ‘learning disability’ as signifying ‘This child needs a different approach,’ rather than ‘Something is wrong with your child.'”    LOVE this mentality!! 

This is how Dr. Lee and the VT team sees it – a “learning disability” is not a life sentence!! It just means that the method that you’re using is not working for the kid right now. We just have to get the patient’s eyes working properly, and then with all the right tools, every kid has the potential to succeed.

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Vision Therapy for Dyslexia?

This is a very common question that we get, and the answer is that vision therapy does NOT treat dyslexia. However, functional vision problems can certainly get in the way of reading and learning, and that’s what vision therapy treats. Watch this video for a more detailed explanation!

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