Her Headaches Were A Vision Problem

It’s been a busy month, and we added a Vision Therapy graduate to our Hall of Fame!

Before L started vision therapy, she used to suffer from headaches and blurred, double vision every day after school. When reading, she lost her place often and would feel sleepy after a short time. L’s mother noticed her left eye turning out daily at the dinner table. These problems started several years ago, so they went to see an ophthalmologist, who determined that no glasses were needed and gave them some home exercises to do, which did not help. The headaches only got worse.

Luckily, she went to see a new optometrist this year, who referred her for a Visual Skills Assessment with Dr. Lee. They learned that L was suffering from Intermittent Exotropia, which means one eye was drifting out, and therefore the eyes were not looking at the same point in space. This makes the words move around on the page, and split into two. It’s no wonder L was getting headaches every day!

After 5 months of hard work in the vision therapy program, L’s eyes are now straight. Her mother reports that the left eye rarely turns now, and L no longer gets headaches after school! She is now able to read for longer periods of time without headaches and double vision.

Congratulations L! Your hard work has paid off!

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Vision Therapy Seminar #2

Dr Lee is in San Diego again this weekend for another seminar with Dr. Robert Sanet, FCOVD. Her goal is to bring back some more knowledge and techniques to help people with eye alignment, coordination and focusing difficulties, and to help children with learning-related vision problems!

Maybe she can also bring back some of the sunshine and warm weather! 😛 

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Hidden Visual Problems Affect Learning

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Today, Dr Lee had the opportunity to speak with teachers at William Dunbar PS about hidden visual problems which can impact learning. Students at this school are lucky to have a wonderful team of teachers dedicated to finding resources to help kids reach their full learning potential! They’re working hard while you kids have a day off 🙂
Wishing everyone a safe and happy family day weekend!

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Slow Reading Due to Convergence Insufficiency

“Whether it is the mystery of the bright child who struggles with reading or the child who takes forever to do homework, the story is often the same,” shares Ida Chung, OD, FCOVD, President of COVD, “these children continue to struggle until the underlying vision problem is identified and treated.”

Click here to read the story about 9-year-old Zach, who had frequent headaches, rubbed his eyes in the classroom, and was often the last person to finish his work. The school nurse reported his vision was 20/20 and the pediatrician said his eyes were healthy and that he didn’t need glasses. He actually had a convergence insufficiency, which would not have been helped with glasses anyways. Some children need a functional eye exam which looks beyond health and the need for glasses. Read more

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Smart Kids With Reading Problems

Reading is so important for a good education. These are American stats, which aren’t exactly the same for Canada, but many children have vision vision issues that interfere with learning.

It’s not just about how well you can see far away, it’s about how your brain and eyes work together.
A child might see words like this:

If that’s what the words looked like when you opened a book, you wouldn’t want to read. If your child doesn’t like to read, it doesn’t mean he/she lazy! It is so important to get a comprehensive Visual Skills Assessment because these problems are not caught in regular screenings.

Watch the video here: Student soars at reading thanks to vision therapy

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