Recommendation for Optometric Evaluation After Brain Injury

The Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association and The College of Optometrists in Vision Development have issued a joint call-to-action to all healthcare professionals to consider the need for medical and/or functional optometric rehabilitation services for patients who have suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, such as a concussion, or due to a medical condition such as stroke, tumor, aneurysm, meningitis and cerebral palsy, or other neurological insults.

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Vision Therapy for Sports

Take it from SF Giants first baseman, Brandon Belt – “Vision therapy is pretty important, whether you’ve had a concussion or not!”
Even with “perfect vision,” VT can help you either recover from a concussion, or just become a better athlete and player. ⚾️

Call (905) 666-4848 to learn more and book a Visual Skills Assessment!


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Happy Lunar New Year!

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Happy Lunar New Year!
It’s the Year of the Pig! 🐷
This is usually a week-long celebration (!!) but don’t worry, Dr. Lee is still in the office 😉

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