Do I Need Anti-reflective Coating On My Glasses?

We’ve all been video chatting a lot more lately due to the stay-at-home orders, and one thing that Dr. Lee has really noticed is…. GLARE on people’s glasses!! 🤓 It can be very distracting to see lots of white streaks on someone’s glasses! (Or do only optometrists notice this? 😆)
There’s an easy way to avoid this – make sure you get ✨anti-reflective coating ✨ on your next pair! It cuts down reflections from screens and other light sources 👍
The glasses in the first picture are definitely prop lenses with no coating. You should be able to see through to the person’s eyes, like in the second picture. The small green colour fringes are a sign that those lenses do have anti-reflective coating! See if you can notice the difference on your own lenses or on other people! #themoreyouknow