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Vision therapy may be the missing piece for reading

K came to us because he was having a lot of trouble with reading. He lost his place frequently and skipped words, and also had trouble copying from the board. He also said that the words were always moving on the page. K also had trouble with spelling and tended to reverse letters and mixed up his lefts and rights often. 

After vision therapy, K wasn’t losing his place nearly as much and felt reading was a lot easier for him. K’s teacher noticed significant improvements in his reading and he was much more confident and more willing to read out loud in front of the class. K’s mom also found his reading was much better and he even volunteered to read in front of the whole school during an assembly. K was also really excited to attend the book fair at his school so he could pick out some new books to read which made him and his mom happy that he found reading much easier and more enjoyable. K still needed lots of extra help at school, but vision therapy helped him improve faster and benefit more from tutoring (as he was previously in tutoring with little to no changes).

Congratulations K! We will miss you and your love of football and your dogs 🙂