Concussion Recovery

Vision problems after a concussion or traumatic brain injury can be devastating for a patient trying to return to school/work. Research has shown that approximately 70% of young athletes who suffer a concussion have eye coordination, focusing, and eye movement problems.

“The traditional vision approach still relies on the spontaneous recovery of double vision, patching, and using therapies to learn functional approaches around vision deficits, as opposed to treating the vision deficits. However, many optometrists across our nation are providing optometric vision therapy in addition to therapeutic lenses and prisms to help resolve visual deficits.”

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Treatment for Visual Symptoms after Acquired Brain Injury

If you missed her last week, that’s because Dr. Lee was out of the office for more continuing education on new treatment options for visual symptoms in patients with acquired brain injuries. She is always excited to hear about new research and bring back different ways to help our patients!

Ask for more information if you’re experiencing blurry vision, light sensitivity, difficulty concentrating, headaches, problems with reading, double vision, or other visual problems as a result of a motor vehicle accident or other head trauma.

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