Hong Kong Optical Fair

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Dr Lee is half a world away from the office, but your eyes are never far from her mind! This week, she’s at the Hong Kong Optical Fair checking out all the latest styles


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Beware Buying Online Glasses

If you have thought about purchasing your next pair of prescription eyeglasses online, there are a few things you need to know. It’s a custom-made product and very different from ordering any other item online.
Would you order a custom suit or dress with just your height measurement or with only your waist size? Your prescription is only one piece of information that will determine how well you see with your new eyewear. An optometrist is trained in the proper fitting, measuring, manufacturing, and dispensing of eyewear. Click below to see more of what goes into making a pair of glasses
Common complaints regarding improperly ordered or fit eyewear can include headaches, fatigue, an “eye pulling” sensation, nausea, and pain or pressure marks on your nose or around your ears.
A recent study conducted by the American Optometric Association (AOA), the Optical Laboratories
Association and The Vision Council, discovered an alarming rate of nearly half the eyeglasses ordered from online vendors (44.8%) had incorrect prescriptions or safety issues (eg. failing to meet impact resistance standards).

Don’t be a Fool in April (or any other month!)…. BUYER BEWARE!


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Top Optician in Durham Region

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Whitby Vision Care was voted the Top Optician in Durham Region based on quality, service, image, value, and professionalism!

We do our best to provide exceptional service and quality products, and are honoured to be recognized for it!

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Best Fit For Your Glasses

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Dr. Lee cringed when she saw this picture of Sean Penn and Charlize Theron, but probably not for the reason you think….

Look at his sunglasses! They do not fit around his ear, and they look very tight against his head (probably hugging his head to make up for the fact that they’re not sitting on his ears). This probably creates pressure on his head, and on the back of the ears where the glasses are hooked. Yikes!
At Whitby Vision Care, we would not let you walk out like that! We always adjust your glasses to fit you, to ensure that you feel good and look GREAT! 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!

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Why Get Anti-Reflective Coating On Glasses?

Dr. Lee is a big fan of Mindy Kaling, but she cringed when she saw this photo online. Can you guess why?

Her glasses don’t have anti-reflective coating, which is why you see so much glare on her lenses! Anti-reflective coating eliminates reflections from both the front and back of the lenses, which allows more light to go straight into your eyes for good vision. This gives you sharper vision with less glare, especially when driving at night and using a computer. It cuts down the glare for you looking out, and for other people looking at you.

Anti-reflective coating helps you see better AND look better! 🙂

Here’s a picture of Tina Fey doing it right- you can see her eyes despite the bright lighting, so she can see better, AND she looks better!

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