Children With Eye Problems May Be Misdiagnosed With ADHD

20/20 just means the eyes can see letters on the eye chart, but to be able to read and learn effectively, both eyes have to work together as a team! Click the link below to watch a story about Kyle, a young third grader who was seeing double, which made it hard for him to focus on the page. He was labeled at school with learning/behaviour issues, but it turned out to be a vision problem for which he is now being successfully treated!
It is possible to train the eyes to work together, and the training can also have a positive impact on reading and schoolwork.

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How Vision Problems Can Affect Behaviour And Attention

An under-diagnosed eye problem could be the cause of your child’s temper tantrums and difficulty concentrating in class.
Psychologist and mother-of-two, Kim Knull says a vision problem left her normally happy and easy-going daughter exhausted and prone to temper tantrums.
This can be a major problem in the classroom where up to 80 per cent of learning is visual, said Yeung, and lead to eye fatigue which can send a child looking for distraction. As a result, the condition is sometimes mistaken for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
“Part of my feeling terrible as a parent is that I had no idea how much this was impacting her until it started to get better,” said Knull of watching her own daughter’s recovery. “I couldn’t believe the transformation.Since beginning vision training, Knull says her daughter’s reading fluency and compliance have both improved, as has her mood.  (from the article)

Click Here to read Kim’s story of her daughter’s temper tantrums which she thought were due to a learning or behaviour problem, but  turned out to be the result of her eyes not working well together. The vision problem was treated successfully with vision therapy and her behaviour and reading improved!

Children should have an eye exam every year — even if they don’t appear to have any vision problems. Parents should also be on the lookout for red eyes, frequent headaches, rubbing eyes after looking at something closely, or closing one eye to read. CLICK HERE for a list of more red flags for a vision problem

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Vision Therapy In The News!

Vision problems are not as simple as just being near- or far-sighted!

If your child is experiencing numerous vision problems, including double vision, reversals and skipping words when reading, a comprehensive eye exam and Visual Skills Assessment should be done to get to the root of the problem

Click here to read the article – “Vision therapy helps with learning disabilities, sports vision and traumatic brain injuries”

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Vision Therapy Seminar #2

Dr Lee is in San Diego again this weekend for another seminar with Dr. Robert Sanet, FCOVD. Her goal is to bring back some more knowledge and techniques to help people with eye alignment, coordination and focusing difficulties, and to help children with learning-related vision problems!

Maybe she can also bring back some of the sunshine and warm weather! 😛 

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Hidden Visual Problems Affect Learning

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Today, Dr Lee had the opportunity to speak with teachers at William Dunbar PS about hidden visual problems which can impact learning. Students at this school are lucky to have a wonderful team of teachers dedicated to finding resources to help kids reach their full learning potential! They’re working hard while you kids have a day off 🙂
Wishing everyone a safe and happy family day weekend!

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