Customer Appreciation Day!

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🎉🎉🎉 We’re having a CRAAAAAZY sale on Monday!! 20% off your first pair, and 50% off the second!! Tons of current styles, and we brought in extra so that you can try them on in person! Come join us for refreshments, and enter for a chance to win a TV! 🎉🎉🎉


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Rethinking the Label “Learning Disability”

In reponse to this post: Rethinking School

Susan Wise Bauer writes, “Change your thinking: Regard the label ‘learning disability’ as signifying ‘This child needs a different approach,’ rather than ‘Something is wrong with your child.'”    LOVE this mentality!! 

This is how Dr. Lee and the VT team sees it – a “learning disability” is not a life sentence!! It just means that the method that you’re using is not working for the kid right now. We just have to get the patient’s eyes working properly, and then with all the right tools, every kid has the potential to succeed.

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March Madness Sale!

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We’re still in March Madness! We have amazing deals on designer frames, including GX by Gwen Stefani, L.A.M.B, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Porsche Eyewear, and more! Come into the office with your prescription for individual pricing

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Concussion Recovery – Sit It Out!

Even if you don’t black out, that doesn’t mean you didn’t have a concussion. An injured player may be confused or disoriented after a head hit, and unable to recognize the signs of concussion in him/herself. Any further injury before the brain heals significantly increases the risk of brain damage. As teammates, coaches, parents, and spectators, we should NEVER tell a player to “tough it out” and return to play after a head hit!!
In COVD’s blog, Ella shares how players may feel pressured to return to play before they are ready, and how we need to create a environment where they can be comfortable sitting it out if they don’t feel ok!  #BrainInjuryAwareness

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Dry Eye Video

This is a great video illustrating the different kinds of tears and different components that make up your tears! Dry eye disease is very common so I explain this to people daily ðŸ™‚ To effectively manage your symptoms, I may recommend a specific kind of eye drops (they’re not all the same!), hot compresses, and/or various ointments or scrubs. If your eyes feel dry, or even if they feel overly watery, come in for a comprehensive assessment to find the right treatment for your tears! ðŸ’¦
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