Vision Therapy Can Improve Stamina

*Note: This photo is from pre-COVID. Patients must now be masked in the office at all times, while staff wear masks and face shields.

W came to us because he was having trouble with reading. It took him a long time to read and easily got fatigued from it. He also noticed that while he was reading, the words would get blurry often and he noticed the words would go in and out of focus often. W also lost his place often when reading and after he read something, he easily forgot what he just read. His mom noticed this often and wanted him to have better retention of what he had read.

After vision therapy, W’s reading improved a lot. His mom noticed that he had much better stamina where he could now read for an hour straight before getting tired, compared to less than 10 minutes of reading before he began vision therapy. W also found reading much easier because he wasn’t losing his place and was no longer having blurry vision, so it didn’t feel as tiring or time consuming. His mom said it was a big commitment for both of them, but felt it was worth all the hard work!

Congratulations W! We will miss you and your love of hockey.