Concussion Recovery Delayed in Children

Concussion symptoms can last for days to months but a new review published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association finds that younger children often suffer significantly longer than teens or adults.

Researchers found that while concussion symptoms, like headache and dizziness, may last on average about a week in adults, for children younger than 13, that recovery time is closer to four weeks … three times longer. Children with ADHD, depression and anxiety may also experience more prolonged symptoms.


Watch more here: Review Says Children Suffer From Concussion Longer Than Adults

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Vision Therapy for Concussion

Vision problems such as double vision, headaches, dizziness, light sensitivity, problems with reading or viewing screens are super common after concussion, even if you can “see 20/20” with or without glasses. Vision therapy is often the missing link in concussion rehab and can help you recover from these symptoms! Contact the office for more information (905) 666-4848

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Therapy for Dizziness

If you’re experiencing visual symptoms after a concussion (eg. problems with focusing or reading, using a computer/device, dizziness etc), call us for a Visual Skills Assessment! (905) 666-4848

Researchers say rehabilitation has also proven effective for mitigating symptoms such as dizziness and changes in vision, like difficulty with focus. This includes engaging in visual and vestibular exercises, which assist with balance and spatial orientation. Therapy can help the brain to establish new neurologic pathways to regain function or to bypass disturbing signals.

Active recovery is the new standard of treatment, but this does NOT mean that athletes should still compete during recovery.

Read more here: Researchers find children experience concussion symptoms three times longer than adults

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Concussion Recovery

Today we’re recognizing the first Rowan’s Law Day in honour of Rowan Stringer. Ontario is leading the way in concussion awareness and safety. We honour Rowan’s memory by helping people across Ontario increase their awareness of the dangers of concussions and how to improve safety in sport.

Reducing the risk of concussions is always the goal. But concussions happen and knowing what to do – whether you’re an athlete, a parent, a coach or a teacher – saves lives.

Rehab for your visual system is also an important part of concussion recovery. Visit our Concussion page and to learn more!

Learn more about how to stay informed and recognize concussion signs and symptoms:




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Concussion Recovery – Sit It Out!

Even if you don’t black out, that doesn’t mean you didn’t have a concussion. An injured player may be confused or disoriented after a head hit, and unable to recognize the signs of concussion in him/herself. Any further injury before the brain heals significantly increases the risk of brain damage. As teammates, coaches, parents, and spectators, we should NEVER tell a player to “tough it out” and return to play after a head hit!!
In COVD’s blog, Ella shares how players may feel pressured to return to play before they are ready, and how we need to create a environment where they can be comfortable sitting it out if they don’t feel ok!  #BrainInjuryAwareness

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