Vision Therapy Is Not Just For Kids!

Vision therapy is not just for kids! Click here to read the blog of an adult patient. This patient found vision therapy after seeking help for difficulties while reading, working, and learning to play the cello. He/she is making huge strides after only 8 weeks of therapy!

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Friday Success Story

Letters in particular gave Laurian quite a challenge as she frequently wrote them backwards. A comprehensive vision exam revealed that Laurian was a good candidate for vision therapy to improve her visual tracking skills. This would help her keep better track of where her pencil was going and to better understand the shapes of letters and words.

At age 5, Laurian started writing lots of letters backwards. She needed help with her visual tracking skills and vision therapy was just the thing! Click here to read about her story

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Vision Therapy Graduates

Sending out a big CONGRATULATIONS to all our VT graduates over the last few months! All of your hard work and determination has paid off!
We are going to try to remember to update our blog a little more 🙂 Here’s a little bit about our two most recent graduates:

J came to us when his teacher noticed him skipping words when he was reading. His school performance was very good, but he often lost his place, got headaches, and felt tired after only 15 mins of reading. He was diagnosed with a tracking deficit, and started vision therapy. After about 2.5 months of weekly sessions, his mom noticed his reading is a lot more fluent, he no longer skips words, and he doesn’t get headaches or feel as tired when reading! Great job, J!

S came to the office with very bad visual symptoms after a concussion. He got headaches after 5-10 mins of reading, and couldn’t look at screens. He also felt like he couldn’t focus or concentrate. He felt dizzy when looking around. He needed to get reading glasses, and started vision therapy for his focusing skills. He can now read for about 1.5 hrs without symptoms (without his glasses!), and he can finally start slowly returning to work! We are happy for you, S!

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How Vision Problems Can Affect Behaviour And Attention

An under-diagnosed eye problem could be the cause of your child’s temper tantrums and difficulty concentrating in class.
Psychologist and mother-of-two, Kim Knull says a vision problem left her normally happy and easy-going daughter exhausted and prone to temper tantrums.
This can be a major problem in the classroom where up to 80 per cent of learning is visual, said Yeung, and lead to eye fatigue which can send a child looking for distraction. As a result, the condition is sometimes mistaken for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
“Part of my feeling terrible as a parent is that I had no idea how much this was impacting her until it started to get better,” said Knull of watching her own daughter’s recovery. “I couldn’t believe the transformation.Since beginning vision training, Knull says her daughter’s reading fluency and compliance have both improved, as has her mood.  (from the article)

Click Here to read Kim’s story of her daughter’s temper tantrums which she thought were due to a learning or behaviour problem, but  turned out to be the result of her eyes not working well together. The vision problem was treated successfully with vision therapy and her behaviour and reading improved!

Children should have an eye exam every year — even if they don’t appear to have any vision problems. Parents should also be on the lookout for red eyes, frequent headaches, rubbing eyes after looking at something closely, or closing one eye to read. CLICK HERE for a list of more red flags for a vision problem

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Her Headaches Were A Vision Problem

It’s been a busy month, and we added a Vision Therapy graduate to our Hall of Fame!

Before L started vision therapy, she used to suffer from headaches and blurred, double vision every day after school. When reading, she lost her place often and would feel sleepy after a short time. L’s mother noticed her left eye turning out daily at the dinner table. These problems started several years ago, so they went to see an ophthalmologist, who determined that no glasses were needed and gave them some home exercises to do, which did not help. The headaches only got worse.

Luckily, she went to see a new optometrist this year, who referred her for a Visual Skills Assessment with Dr. Lee. They learned that L was suffering from Intermittent Exotropia, which means one eye was drifting out, and therefore the eyes were not looking at the same point in space. This makes the words move around on the page, and split into two. It’s no wonder L was getting headaches every day!

After 5 months of hard work in the vision therapy program, L’s eyes are now straight. Her mother reports that the left eye rarely turns now, and L no longer gets headaches after school! She is now able to read for longer periods of time without headaches and double vision.

Congratulations L! Your hard work has paid off!

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